An artist talk from watching World Cup

Another summer come again, and it is also the time of the death of pop artists to talk examinations. But this year, maybe a little more special, when the World Cup was back, and it has reminded me of the time 8 years ago.It's the middle of summer days filled with exciting World Cup atmosphere filled the streets, street corners, people who slave tingle lovingly prepared to fully enjoy the football party hearty rare that a new four-year come once. The biggest sports day this planet (2006) takes place in distant Germany, for me it was special because when Oliver Bierhoff scored twice in the history of the Czech Republic to take grids crowned German Euro 1996, my heart has always followed the chariot increase resilience, happiness victory, much sadness but also hope this will be the crowning happiness if the Germans soon crowned their homeland .

Atmosphere on the sidelines of the 2006 World Cup
But it's difficult when the World Cup takes place at an important time of my life, when I and my fellow colleagues to step into the most important exam - college exam, college park is always passionately working 's family and the burning desire of myself when freshmen, the future will know just how wide open. People often say that college is fun in any competition but also the World Cup four years occurred once, but for me what is important to both, how to balance between accountability examinations and satisfied passion football has eaten into the flesh and blood from a very young age. I've probably made yourself a detailed timetable to balance between college and the World Cup.
Remember when Jürgen Klinsmann took over, he changed the play of the Germans, a German team entirely new, soft, flowery and dedication played the first game was released in the opening encounter Costa Rica was main for those who absolutely love mannschaft die, they swept into the quarterfinals of the proud winners. This time the home team hit a really big obstacle, Argentina with world renowned names such as Riquelme, Mascherano, Crespo, Tevez has repeatedly Lehmann waves to the goal and then scoring the go-ahead My heart sank as the time passes on the final minutes, but then again the German spirit was demonstrated by goals from Klose, then pass the Tango dancers in full shootout the field. The victory of the heroic Germans had tried to help me more confidence for university exams draw nearer, my heart told myself to learning to the field and their spirit to be able to succeed.
The memorable night that lasted until the early morning when the officers are watching the death last homework before the exam on the first step of block A with two math and physics. I have reviewed all prior to spending the entire football mind this history, couples semifinals: Germany - Italy is indeed impossible to ignore. Battle for dramatic happening when 90 minutes passed scoreless, the game concept will be assigned lost on penalties to win the lottery two goals from Grosso and Del Piero made my heart sank, feeling never thought as sad as this time, but I keep reassuring myself, that sadness aside, to step into the most important exam of your life is only a few hours to take place, was a fan of German team must always learn things that steely spirit and application in all circumstances.
University entrance exam takes place very smoothly, before witnessing neck tank Portugal thrashed 3 goals to not remove him now rank third trench of world football, ending an emotional summer passions and desires - M88