The world really found Scholes II?

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Many names have been put on the brightest Old Trafford to compare, map out and decided to replace Scholes shouldering the middle of Manchester United, and Scholes closest candidate like the best is Toni Kroos has not been Board the Reds led him to the browser and the Real has brought a lot of regrets. Instead Kroos Herrera, Scholes names are not supported, but the location is offering more confidence for Reds fans.

After six successful friendly match with Man United, not many words, but unobtrusive Herrera led his predecessor to think and take back what is not good for you. Herrera does not have to play by midfielder muscle or slightly aggressive playing style as Scholes that he used primarily technical minded and sensitive judgment inherent qualities of players to Spain won over coach Louis Van Gaal and numerous fans M88 - 12Bet

Herrera has turned out after the match as Manchester United shirt color? He is the middle person coping both defense and attack in formation arrange coach Van Gaal is how much the position he helped Manchester United solve a lot of problems. Can be regarded as an official position of the United squad in the new season of Herrera. The biggest advantage of Herrera is the road cut slots or shadow lines created opportunities for his teammates to help him recreate the image of Scholes day.

Between Herrera and Scholes have an entirely different when the Spanish player can not play like seniors are characterized, which is play on the necessary heat and should not be confused with a Scholes anyone. The similarities of the two players are height restrictions, not to me, not muscle, the technique has in abundance. If the former, Man United have pairs Scholes - Keane creates steel material but no less sharp, glamor and effective for middle Man United are now, Herrera is contributing to half that.

Looking back over the middle of Manchester United, you can see, now, no one can better take care to make effective on-line. All will wait Carrick back without adding any new contract and then, the pair Herrera - Carrick can be key to Manchester United success. However, information about Vidal, Di Maria, Cuadrado has not ended has created hope for a good midfield for the Reds.

Another advantage is being played alongside Herrera Mata, a close friend of his youth in Spain routes should the spark in attack situations as help for United's attack more effective. Herrera would not be a Monday Scholes fully but he will be a new Scholes helps Man United midfield sublimation, technical qualities are expressed in a most efficient and ultimately passes were Scholes's brand will be reproduced under the name Herrera.